Compare the 2017 Toyota Tacoma vs 2017 Chevrolet Colorado


2017 Toyota Tacoma SRvs.2017 Chevy Colorado LT

2017 Toyota Tacoma SR
vs.2017 Colorado LT
1.                           $30,795MSRP
2.                                5
3.                         StandardToyotaCareNot Available
4.                       9.4 Inches
Ground Clearance
8.4 Inches
5.                       35/25
angle (degrees)


The 2017 Toyota Tacoma takes on the Chevy Colorado

When it comes to shopping for a new pickup, City of Industry area shoppers have quite a lot to choose from. Among their choices, they'll be pleased to find the 2017 Toyota Tacoma. As handsome as it is versatile, this well-priced pickup makes for a great choice among its crowded segment. Don't just take our word for it though. To learn more about this year's new Tacoma, and how it stacks up to the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado, we encourage you to read on below...

Why the Toyota Tacoma Beats Out the Chevrolet Colorado

1. Make the Most of Your Purchase by Choosing the Tacoma

When it comes to price, the 2017 Toyota Tacoma aims to please even the most wallet conscious of shoppers. Unlike its Chevrolet competition, this year's new Toyota Tacoma comes accompanied by the kind of price tag that won't send you in to sticker shock. Whether you plan on leasing or financing, opting for this year's Tacoma makes for the perfect choice.

2. Offering More Space for Passengers

When shopping for your next pickup, you're going to want one that's able to handle having a few passengers in tow. Fortunately, the 2017 Toyota Tacoma can. Unlike the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado, this year's new Tacoma can seat up to 5 passengers. From work buddies to your family and friends, this year's new Toyota Tacoma offers the space you need to get you and your passengers to your next destination.

3. Get the Inside Scoop on ToyotaCare
Did you know that regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance makes for the best way to keep your pickup in top notch condition? Fortunately, with ToyotaCare, you'll find yourself enjoying a no-cost service plan with 24-hour roadside assistance for the first two years or 25,000 miles. Unfortunately for Chevrolet shoppers, the automaker doesn't offer a maintenance plan that's nearly as comprehensive as ToyotaCare.

4. Better Ground Clearance

For many pickup shoppers, there's nothing more enticing than a truck that's able to take on the trails. Fortunately, with a full 9.4-inches of ground clearance, the 2017 Toyota Tacoma is able to do exactly that. Unlike the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado, this year's new Tacoma boasts the ground clearance that you'll need when taking on anything from rocky trails to uneven payment.

5. Boasts Better Approach/Departure Ratings

Another off-road perk to choosing the 2017 Toyota Tacoma? This year's model boasts better approach/departure ratings than the Chevrolet Colorado. With a 35/25 degree ratings, this year's model will have you conquering the trails in no time. Sadly, for Chevrolet Colorado shoppers, this year's model doesn't offer the features that you'll need to hit the trails with.

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